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Design & Bead-a-long “Sharazade"

Team 4

Designers of this team are:

Joyce Standige 

Joanne Jepson

Céline Cocchiara 

Estrid de Wit

Anke Glinka


How it works?? 

- Every person is going to design 1 step of the earrings. 
- Person number one will start using rivoli 14mm and designs step 1 of the pattern (which I will write after person 1 finishes and tells me what to do, how much and which materials are used)
- Person number 2 makes step 1 and designs step 2 (I will add this step 2 to the pattern)
- Etc. untill we finish the earrings (we have made an earring pattern which will be free available for everybody to make)
- During this, everyone is free to bead-a-long with us. It will be step by step free available here.
- There is no material list out front available except you will need 2 pieces of Rivoli 14mm.
- This is a basic idea so not all the details are set. We will make them up as we go along.

And of course we will need a name for this project.... this will be “Sharazade” the name is made up by Dyanne van Duppen it’s a combination of “Share” and “Sherazade” (a storyteller) thanks so much Dyanne for this beautiful name!

Hope you like it and want to join me. Designing or beading along.

There a a lot of people who wanted to design with me so I have made 3 groups. If you want you can happily bead-a-long with all the groups.

Take a look at Team 1

Take a look at Team 2

Take a look at Team 3


Material list: 

- 2 Rivoli 14mm

- Delica Beads

- Facetted beads 2mm

- Stiff Stuff

- Seed Beads 11/0A

- Seed Beads 11/0B

- Seed Beads 15/0

- Backing

Are you beading a long with Team 4?

Instructions Part 1 By Joyce Standige

NOTE: To fit the RIV14 better you can cut an X into the stiff stuff and glue the point of the RIV14 in there.  

Instructions Part 2 by Joanne Jepson

Instructions Part 3 By Céline Cocchiara

Instructions Part 4

By Estrid de Wit: Will follow soon.... stay tuned

Instructions Part 5

By Anke Glinka: Will follow soon.... stay tuned