Leysa (Advent Calendar)

Advent Calendar “Leysa” 

Advent Calendar "Leysa" … a necklace that is only available in this calendar.

(it wil not become available as a pattern) 


Level 3 and knowledge of cubic right angle weave is needed.

Pattern is in English.


How it works??

- The calendar will be in pre order from the 24th of september till the 1st of november 2023 and will be shipped out on the 15th of november 2023.

The calendar is available in 4 colorways for € 144,95 (incl. Shipping (with track & Trace) & printed pattern, will not come available as a PDF)

- You can use this calendar in 2 ways: 

Option 1: Open every day a package follow instructions each day and at Christmas eve you can wear your royal necklace full of bling.

Option 2: Open every day a package save the materials and wait for pattern day… than bead when ever you feel like it....


In this calender you will find… the materials & pattern for "Leysa" (with instructions to bead daily or bead as once) a lot of goodies & presents spread out over 24 days and since my birtday is on the 24th of december you will receive a present from me on that day.


The picture of the necklace will not appear on social media or on this website untill next year but if you want to get a picture you may sent me a private message and you will get a picture of the finished necklace (IMPORTANT NOTE: the colorway in the picture is not available as a kit!!!)


Sold out

Leysa Advent Calendar 2023

Sold out

Leysa Advent Calendar 2023


PRE-ORDER from 24-09-2023 till 01-11-2023 will be shipped out on the 15-11-2023. 

Kits are available in: 

Champagne / Silky Sage DeLite (Sold Out!) or Laguna DeLite (Sold Out!)

Gold / Black (Sold Out!)

Silver / Aquamarine / Emerald (Sold out)

Seafoam / Tanzanite / Crystal AB (sold out)

A calendar kit includes: All the materials and findings to finish your royal necklace (aprox. 18inch / 45cm) incl. goodies and presents spread over 24 days. it is also incl. shipping and the pattern.

A calendar kit does not include: Beading Needle & Thread.