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The mystery Malanie is closed this pattern will come available as a "normal" pattern august 2022

Mystery Pattern “Melanie”

Are you ready for a challenge? Get ready for a mystery pattern. You will get the instructions piece by piece but NO pictures of the finished piece what so ever. “Melanie” is a necklace I can tell you that much….. (interested??)

How it works??

- Make sure you have the materials on the supply list at home. Or buy a “Melanie” kit. The kits will be available at pre-order from the 4th of july till the 8th of august 2021 and will be send out on the 14th of august. The kits are available in 4 colorways for € 39,95 (excl. Pattern & Shipping costs) For the real beading die hards there will be a "Melanie" kit in a mystery colorway available with a 10% discount!

- Purchase the pattern (in English) for € 12,50.  

- After the purchase you will get the mystery pattern part 1 as a download on the 1st of September 2021 in your e mail box.

- After you are finished with part 1 take a picture and sent it to info@csbeaddesign.nl. You will receive instructions how to get part 2 and so on until you have a finished piece.

- The people who can show me the finished piece will receive a free pattern from me. (Please don’t share finished pieces on the web before 13th of october. This way you will have 6 weeks to work on the necklace without somebody spoiling the fun)

- I will invite everyone who has finished the necklace into a facebook group here you are free to show all the pictures you want before the deadline. 

- The person who finishes first gets an extra "Price" your name will be used for next years mystery pattern. (Melanie showed me the first finished "Andrea" necklace. So this year we are having a "Mystery Melanie") Will your name be on the mystery pattern of 2022??


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Pattern Necklace "Melanie" part 1 & Kits

Sold out

This purchase is a digital PDF file that wil be sent to your e mail addres on the 1st of September 2021.


Met deze aankoop ontvangt u een PDF file dat naar uw e mail adres verzonden word op 1 September 2021.


Mit diesem Kauf erhalten Sie eine PDF-Datei, die an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse gesendet wird auf 1. September 2021.


Sold out

Melanie Kits

Sold out
Sold out

Melanie Kits


PRE-ORDER from 5-07-2021 till 08-08-2021 will be shipped out on the 14-08-2021. 

Kits are available in: 

Lotus Pink / Champagne / Sand

Silky Sage DeLite / Champagne / Sand

Black / Black / Black

Royal Blue / Silver / Blue

& a mystery colorway


A kit includes: All the materials and findings to finish your necklace (aprox. 15,5inch / 39cm) 

A kit does not include: Pattern, Beading Needle & Thread