About the bingo:


How it works:

- Buy a bingo card (it will be sent to your e-mail address and can be purchased until november 30.)

- From the 1st till the 24th december I will pick a bead and post in on facebook and on this page. (see below) If you have the bead on your bingo card cross it. At december 24 we know who has won which price. 

- There will be 6 prices to win.

- The sixth price is won if the first row is full 

- The fifth price is won if the second row is full 

- The fourth price is won if the third row is full

- The third price is won if the fourth row is full

- The second price is won if the fift row is full

- The first price is won if the entire card is full

- What you can win

6th price a gift voucher of EUR 5,00

5th price a discount coupon of 10%

4th price a pattern of your choice (no class project)

3rd price a gift voucher of EUR 7,50

2nd price a discount coupon of 15%

1st price a brand new pattern AND kit. (Charlize)

December 1                                    December 2                                    December 3                                     December 4                                     December 5

December 6                                    December 7                                    December 8                                     December 9                                     December 10

December 11                                   December 12                                 December 13                                  December 14                                  December 15

December 16                                   December 17                                December 18                                  December 19                                  December 20

December 21                                   December 22                                 December 23                                  December 24                                   

This purchase is a digital PDF file that wil be sent to your e mail addres. It is done manually so it could take some time. (max 12 hours)


Met deze aankoop ontvangt u een PDF file dat naar uw e mail adres verzonden word. Dit word handmatig gedaan dus het kan even duren. (max. 12 uur)


Mit diesem Kauf erhalten Sie eine PDF-Datei, die an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse gesendet wird. Dies geschieht manuell, sodass es eine Weile dauern kann. (max. 12 stunden)