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CONTEST 2020 (deadline is over) the winners are:

All the entrees:

About the contest:

Do you still have some beads and bling at home or did you use everything already with all the challenges and bead-a-longs??

Now is the time to win some extra beads and bling!!

- What to do: Make something wearable using materials from this list: (Must be your own design do not copy paste)


- Rivoli
- Chaton
- Bicone
- Drop
- Round beads


Sizes, numbers and colors don't matter that is up to you as long as there is at least one of the above used in your piece.

You can add whatever and how much you want also you can choose the technique you want to use.


- What you can win @ www.csbeaddesign.nl:
1st price a gift voucher of EUR 25,00
2nd price a gift voucher of EUR 17,50
3rd price a pattern of your choice (no class projects)
EXTRA: For everybody who joins gets a pattern from Esther Sophia (Esther Wijma) from Atelier Papillon. (Ayla Earrings see picture below) If you did not enter the contest and you want the pattern it is available for EUR 5,95 at Atelier Papillon (please contact Esther Wijma)


- All pictures must be send in before 28 June 2020.
- we will announce the winners 5 july 2020.
- Judges are Esther Sophia (Esther Wijma from Atelier Papillon), Kerstin Kallin (www.kronbruden.se) and Carine Smedinga (www.carinecreations.com)