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Crazy Beading Witch Tour 2020

About the Crazy Beading Witch Tour:

How it works:

- Get the materials on the material list (comming soon).

- Make sure you have some basic CRAW knowledgde.

- The pattern is in Pre order from the 3rd of October 2020 till 18th of October 2020 and will be sent out the 19th of October 2020. 

- The Crazy Beading Witch Tour will start on the 19th of October 2020.

- You will get beading instructions in your e-mail box. After you have beaded the first part you will find a link to a question or a assignment.

- Sent the answer of the question or picture of the completed assignment to info@csbeaddesign.nl and you will find more beadingstructions and so on untill you have finished your necklace. (yes it will be a necklace suited for a real crazy witch)

- Everyone who has the correct answers to the questions or has completed the assigments will be in the lottery so you can win extra prizes for correct answers or assigments done. The more questions and assignments that are submitted, the more chance there is to win extra prizes. However, this is not necessary. if you don't want to do questions and assignments you can just continue with the pattern. but then you don't participate in the lottery.

- There are 5 prized to win. 3 patterns sponsored Kerstin Kallin (www.kronbruden.se) a pattern and a giftcard of CSbeaddesign.

(the pictures of the prizes will come soon!!) 

- The prizes will be announced after the tour is done wich is on 30 november 2020. 

- as for the social media part.... you may post whatever and whenever you want as long as it is in halloween style... so make it spoooookyyyyyyyy.......

- it is not wise to post your answers or done assigments on social media (but I think you might know that)


This purchase is a digital PDF file that wil be sent to your e mail address on the 19th of October


Met deze aankoop ontvangt u een PDF file dat naar uw e mail adres verzonden word op 19 oktober 2020


Mit diesem Kauf erhalten Sie eine PDF-Datei, die an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse gesendet wird auf 19. October 2020