Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pattern transactions become final once the PDF file is downloaded by the buyer (or e-mailed to the buyer. There will be NO refund or exchange.

By purchasing a pattern you agree to the terms of use below:

- Copyright of the design remains with CSbeaddesign / Cora Sparidaans

- You are welcome to sell a limited number of items created from the pattern but only if you made the items yourself. Mass production is NOT allowed.

- Credit for the design (whole or a portion) should be included in the discription of your internet post.

- The PDF file and it's content are copyrighted. Purchasing the pattern does NOT give you permission to gift, teach, share, exchange or copy the whole or parts of the PDF file. (in any way for free or for pay) or include the pattern in kits for free or for pay.

February 2019